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Lavender CandleThe renowned Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles   If you are looking for high quality, cheap scented candles, you can't beat these. Also referred to as Smokers Candles, or simply Odor Eliminator Candles. These are equally effective against pet odors. These are highly scented candles that consistently get high praise from our customers.
World's Best Dish ClothsThe World's Best Dish Cloths   Made in the USA.
FudgeSouthland's Fresh Made Fudge   We've been making homemade fudge for over 30 years! We make real butter cream fudge. So smooth you won't believe it. We sell some of our top flavors online, such as the classic chocolate fudge, chocolate fudge with peanut butter mixed in, rocky road fudge, and vanilla fudge.
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