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    Q: I was in your Moyock NC store and saw an item, but can't find it on your site. Do you sell it online?

    A: Our online store contains s very limited selection of items. If you saw something else in our physical store, we maybe able to ship you that item. Please email to inquire.

    Q: How much is shipping?

    A: Shipping is calculated by total basket weight, the service selected (UPS or Mail), and the delivery zip code. The shipping charge (if any) is shown before you enter payment details. "Free Shipping" and flat rate shipping orders will display "0.00" as the shipping charge when checking out.

    Q: How soon do you ship?

    A: Most orders are shipped the next business day after the order is placed (not on weekends or postal holidays). For fudge orders, there can also be a slight delay if we need to make any flavors that are out of stock. We only ship freshly made fudge. Please note that for the locally-sourced Abbitt's Breaders/Mixes, we allow ordering ahead even if items are not in stock. We get shipments of those items only bi-weekly. If you ordered those items, and we have not shipped, that is the reason (we are waiting on a shipment).

    Your order status can always be checked here by inputting just your email address and zip code:

    Q: How long does it take for me to get my order after you ship it?


    • UPS shipping is 2-5 business days (2 days from NC to say OH for example, but 5 days from NC to CA). We ship the day after you order, so day "1" is actually 2 days after you have ordered.
    • For USPS (the mail) we use Priority Mail and also ground mail (Parcel Post). If your order has "free shipping", we typically use ground mail. Also, all orders containing aerosol sprays have to be shipped via ground service, typically Parcel Post/ground mail. Please remember the USPS is closed on federal holidays (falls on Mondays), of which there are quite a few. Federal holidays can be looked up by year, here:
      • Priority Mail is 2-3 business days nationwide.
      • For Parcel Post, please allow about a week.

    Q: I placed an order, and it has not arrived. Where is it?

    A: First please check this link using your email and zip code to track your order:

    For further assistance please email or call 252-435-6247 extension 712.