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Southland Trade offers many fantastic products to our customers, but few are as popular as our famous odor eliminator candles. Made in the USA - in North Carolina - for decades, these candles are the go-to choice for people who are looking for a solution to lingering smells in their home or indoor space. Just some of the smells that these candles can help eliminate are: Cigarette Smoke - Pet Odors - Lingering Trash - Cooking Smells - Many More! We offer 35-45 special scents to choose from throughout the year, including many seasonal scents for special holidays and seasons. Our candles are obviously incredibly popular with people who aren't just looking to eliminate odors, but also for those who still enjoy quality scented candles to liven up their home. Some of our most popular scents are: Creamy Vanilla - Lavender w/ Chamomile - Honeydew Melon - Mulberry And Spice - Cinnamon Apple - Many More! Order Today! Our candles can be bought individually or in bulk. Feel free to mix and match 12 or 6 scents so you can decide which scents you love the most. Countless of our in-store customers in Moyock, North Carolina and even more customers on the Internet can't get enough of these candles. Follow your nose and order some today!