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What Makes These Dish Cloths the Best? Southland Trade knows that it can be difficult to find a dish cloth that can withstand the test of time and lots of wear. The World's Best Dish Cloth is constructed of the most durable cotton/poly blend fibers to produce a cloth that is ultra-absorbent and extremely long lasting. These double-layered pieces of Americana are made in USA dish cloths that will remind you of traditions in the kitchen with your mother and grandmother. They feature a homespun look with a bold stripe available in multiple color options. Not just any old dish rag can receive the title of World's Best Dish Cloth. It takes a superior product to achieve this distinction, which is why this dish towel is distinguished by the following features: Sanitary and ravel-free - American made - Durable cotton/poly blended fibers - Thick and absorbent - Reusable. For customers that love these cloths, Southland Trade offers a discounted bulk order so that you can order a large quantity of cloths at a discounted rate. To order your own set of the World's Best Dish Cloths, choose the first product below (order by the dozen). For your fundraising organization, we are proud to offer free sample dish cloths for you to try (link below), because we know you will be hooked! If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us at (252) 435-6247 extension 712 (Sean). Order Today!